Application Process

Applying for a grant from The IntelyHeart Foundation is easy.

Just follow the below steps.

How To Apply for A Grant

  1. Click the “Start Your Application” button above.
  1. Follow the directions on the application. Be as clear as possible in stating why you are seeking funds. If asking for educational support, please indicate where you will be attending school. Note that educational support will generally take the form of a direct payment to the school, not to you. 
  1. There are four ways you may qualify for assistance. You need only qualify under one of the four tests to be considered. 
  1. Upload any documents you think will help support your request at the end of the application. These can be mortgage bills, medical bills, tuition bills, etc. Our site is secure, but feel free to cross out any account numbers. As long as your name appears clearly, you’re all set. Be sure to include proof that you are an active RN, LPN, CNA or equivalent.
  1. Be sure to complete the form and sign it by typing your name at the bottom and hitting the submit button. 
  1. You will see a confirmation of your submission after you hit the submit button. 
  1. Depending on the number of applications received, it may take 3-6 weeks to receive notification from The IntelyHeart Foundation regarding whether or not your request has been granted. You may be contacted for additional information, but in many cases no additional information will be required. 
  1. DO NOT contact Operations Support or your ISM about your application status.

    The IntelyHeart Foundation operates separately from IntelyCare and they will not have any visibility into the application status. If you have questions, you may contact us via email at